A Young Child's STICKERBOOK Passover Haggadah


    4 KIDS

    We gather each year at Pesach to retell the Exodus story for our tradition and for our children.
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    Twelve Fun Filled 8.5"X11" Pages.
    "Colorful," "engaging," "thematic," "educational," and "FUN" describe this 98-sticker Passover Haggadah. Kids love to follow along with your seder as they place 98 Passover related stickers into place on their very own haggadah. Later, they can color the pages to recount the story of the Jews once again.

    Last year we were the talk of every seder table to which we were "invited." Our little book gives the youngest at the seder their OWN haggadah. Even children as old as 8 and 9 had fun with the stickers and helped younger siblings.

    It's a great way to raise money. One men's club in San Diego purchased the first 50 copies and GAVE them to the youngest nursery school group. The expectation? There would be more children lurking around these homes. They were right! Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles came to buy the anticipated additional copies, more than 150, by the way. The price is low so cost will not be a barrier.

    One clever nursery school director bought 15 copies; she displayed the books for several weeks each with a sign-up sheet. When seder was near at hand, she called us and ordered 220 pre-sold and pre-paid Sticker Book Haggadahs for her eager parents. We heard about several ironic turns; one parent who didn't buy the Young Child's Sticker Haggadah Book for her daughter at school arrived at their seder festivities. There was a copy of our book--provided by the hostess. Oh happiness! The amused mommy took the time to tell us this story via e-mail. We noted names, but alas we were sold out several weeks early. We put them on our list to receive advance sales notice for this year.

    One older congregation with few little children in their midst wrote to tell us that they made lots of people happy by using The Young Child's Sticker Haggadah as a sort of greeting card/holiday gift sent to distant nieces, nephews, grandchildren, friends and neighbors. It's an inexpensive way to be a holiday hero!

    In Los Angeles, CA a Jewish Community Center had astounding success with an entire line of kosher-for-Passover matzoh, gefilte fish, soup nuts, matzoh meal, etc. and sitting on top of one stack of 5 lb. matzah cases was our Child's Sticker Haggadah in its colorful, sturdy display case...................It was a beautiful sight. It was a great convience to their members and a fabulous money-maker for the Center.


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